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The National Promise Coalition (NPC), is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advocating for children and families affected by Domestic Violence.


NPC accomplishes the mission through three current platforms: Awareness, Education and Advocacy.


Awareness of Domestic Violence Organizations and Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Organizations that support survivor families across the nation. We do this through the City Unites Program which brings businesses and nonprofits together for one purpose while providing much needed funds to the local certified Domestic Violence Centers and local Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Centers. If you are interested in having the City Unites Program come to your City, contact us here 


Education in two areas. NPC is developing curriculum for Domestic Violence Education for paraprofessionals, schools and organizations. NPC will educate survivors through our home ownership program, Operation Hope. This program, with specific guidelines, will provide education to gain home ownership, provide , but also provide a Financial Planner for one year as well. Operation Hope is providing hope and stability for survivor families as they rise to the next level - one family at a time.

Awareness and Advocacy is provided through NPC in two areas. NPC advocates for a National Database on child abuse reports attached to the children's names. Currently, there is no effective criminal justice system in place to flag crimes against a child state to state. The importance of creating a uniform, national standard incorporating an interstate data exchange of child abuse and neglect cannot be understated. This helps those in authority identify recurring problems more quickly. To learn more about the National Database on child abuse reports and the Bipartisan 1927 CAPTA ACT click here

NPC also advocates survivors are provided an attorney when they cannot afford one. This will help create safety for survivors. Through the court system currently in place, in most states, survivors of abuse are not provided an attorney for those who cannot afford one. The National Promise Coalition advocates for legislation to address this need as well. To learn more about the Bipartisan 1927 CAPTA ACT and how this bill will provide attorneys for Domestic Violence Survivors and children who are abused click here


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